TI experts for companies

Our mission is to provide companies a great selection of hardware and technical support for all your projects.

We have an expertise with ACOMBA, AcombaX & AVANTAGE that can be measured on installation, formation or on customized development solutions.

We are able to offer resources to advise you on IT equipment, software and infrastructure support, all under one roof.

GPX Technologies Inc.’s experts Team is settle in Sherbrooke since 1988.



  • Analyzing, Sales, setting-up, formation & support
  • Additional softwares
  • Customized software development
  • From or To other software data transfer

ERP solutions, project managing software

AZURE cloud solution and more

EXCHANGE & Google email’s servers

Security: WatchGuard, SonicWall, ESET

Barcode solutions


Servers, computers, HP & Lenovo

Wireless and wired network devices ARUBA & UBIQUITI

Devices for barcode managing

Our softwares

Integrated project manager with ACOMBA

Multi-currencies POS
Customizable invoice printout
Choices of user interfaces
GlobalPayment Desk5000 (cabled) and Move5000 (wifi) PST integration
Integrate with Acomba, AcombaX and AVANTAGE

Acomba’s Plug-in allowing to link any PDF or other file format to a vendor invoice.

Stocks, Customers, Invoice & eMarketing manager

Integrated ERP solution with ACOMBA

Complete tagging system

Time & task Punch, payrolls integration & operations monitoring

Stock control for AcombaX

Consumer’s Loyality program

Multi-Stores stock & sales management

Automation of stock’s control

Allow to copy a hard disk drive entirety for backups and recovery

Distant IT support software


27 rue Cate

Sherbrooke, QC

J1J 2N9